Supporting Balanced and Responsible Stewardship Practices through Innovative Environmental Solutions

Turnstone Environmental Consultants offers a complete suite of environmental consulting services to ensure that environmental impacts are recognized and minimized during all phases of a project. 


Founded in 1996, our primary focus has been to provide professional environmental services using innovative solutions to meet the needs of our clients while adhering to regulatory requirements in today’s challenging landscapes.

We are exceedingly familiar with the logistical considerations necessary for the successful implementation of both large and small scale projects. Working in the Western United States for nearly 30 years we understand and can anticipate the needs of our clients.

We offer a complete package of environmental services, including study design, identification of key concerns, scientific investigation, and analysis. Our professional staff offers concise and easy-to-understand reporting. Turnstone’s focus is to provide a productive path forward while bridging the gap between clients and the regulatory community to fulfill governing  requirements and achieving project goals. Our mission is to help facilitate positive impacts on the natural environment while creating economically sustainable options.


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Solutions Tailored to your needs


Turnstone offers a wide range of fish and wildlife services, providing survey, monitoring and data analysis work for avian, fish, wildlife and amphibian species that are driven by regulatory compliance requirements. 


Turnstone provides a wide range of botanical services including survey design, field protocol surveys, monitoring and taxonomic work with a focus on both vascular and non-vascular plant species. Our expertise is with the flora throughout the pacific northwest.


Turnstone provides a broad spectrum of wetland services to our clients, ranging from initial wetland identification and reporting to comprehensive mitigation plans, mitigation banks and monitoring programs.


Turnstone provides a variety of sampling and research services to measure and monitor the biological and botanical condition of wetlands, streams and waterways. Turnstone designs and conducts fish, macroinvertebrate and vegetative community sampling to provide important information about these critical natural resources.


Turnstone provides a broad range of environmental services to clients with natural resource land use planning challenges. Turnstone diligently helps clients work through permit requirements on the federal, state and local level.


Turnstone offers an array of technical support services that can be included in any project or available separately. Services include full GIS support utilizing the latest in GPS and mapping software.